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Bill's Fresh Market: The Dairy Department
The Dairy Department

Welcome to the Bill’s Fresh Market Dairy Department.  Our full-line dairy department features a wide variety of all the products you depend on. We carry all your main dairy products, such as milk, eggs, cheese, yogurt, butter and cream, but we also provide as much selection as possible. We have many different brands and varieties, as well as sizes and styles. And whenever possible we try to give you the option between conventional brands and organic, natural versions of that same product. In some cases, you’ll find alternatives you might not have known even existed.

Great Taste, Great For You

The Bill’s Fresh Market Dairy Department also has an entire section devoted to yogurt.  Here you will see an incredible assortment of cultured dairy products and all the brand names you know and trust, like Dannon and Yoplait. Among these brands you can choose between regular or light, cream-at-the-top and cream-at-the-bottom, not to mention more flavors than can ever be listed here. Most of the yogurt we carry is packaged in small 6 to 8 ounce containers, providing the perfect lunch on-the-go or healthy and nutritious snack. In addition, we carry a wide variety in larger sizes, which are great when you’re using yogurt as a baking ingredient.  You’ll also find a wide-assortment of puddings and jello in a variety of flavors.

Superior Quality

You will also find superior quality that you will not find anywhere else when you visit our Dairy Department.  Whether you’re buying milk, eggs or butter, you will find only the freshest products and the highest quality.  Plus, in addition to those foods normally associated with Dairy Departments, we also have a variety of healthy and gourmet foods like salsa and hummus.

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